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Humanoids in Greece

Srange humanoid visitors -connected with the UFO enigma, psychic phenomena, ghosts and other paranormal manifestations- have been reported over the years. This is a very comprehensive list of humanoid sightings in Greece. Cases are cited in chronological order. They also appear in the Humanoid Contact Database compiled by Albert S Rosales

Two incidents with unknown date (must have taken place before the 2nd WW) Site: Pentelikon Mountain, Attica.

Witnesses: local shepherds and pine resin collectors.

1. A man went to Katsoulerthi site to collect resin from the pine trees. He went very early in the morning, so as he reached the site he decided to take a nap until dawn. Not long after that, he was awaken by a strange lullaby. Then he saw in front of him a very tall naked “man”. The “man” was wearing a huge hat, shaped like a mushroom. The witness stood up and the “man” went away screaming and vanished into the pine forest.

2. A woman was passing by from the Plakentia palace (then in a remote area) at noon. He felt an unexplained sensation of fear. Suddenly, she saw, in a distance of 50 m, a small girl, about 10-years old, coming towards her. Her hair was standing up, like drawn by a magnet. In a few minutes a gust of wind took the “child” which vanished inside an old and crumbling nearby house.

Source: folkloriste Angeliki Tseva.

Site: Krini village, Chalkidiki, Northern Greece. Date: Sunday, August 1929, Time: about midnight Witness: Mr. Theocharis Moustakas (born 1910). Duration: 20 minutes.

The witness was carrying flour with his cart, returning home after the grinding of wheat at Krini mill. Suddenly he saw an object like a “parachute” (semi-spherical) landed on a nearby field and three “little people” speaking a very curious language between them. They were dressed with white clothes with white hoods and their skin was also white. Near them there was a fence and the small men repeatedly jumped over it very easily. The witness was terrified and went to the village running. He recited his experience. Some of his co-villagers told him he “saw devils” and others that he was crazy.

Sources: investigators Constantine Trantafyllou, Homer Carajas, based in Thessaloniki.

Site: Halandri, Athens (where today stands Hygeia hospital, Kifissias avenue) Date: summer of 1936. Time: noon (before lunch). Witness: Mrs. Maria K. (12)

The witness was playing with 5-6 other children. The area of the incident was then a suburban area sparsely populated (now it is heavily urbanized). As the children were playing, the area was filled with clouds of dust. They stopped playing and looked at the direction from which the clouds came (north). There, they saw a large egg-shaped silvery object, slightly bigger than an airplane. It had landed on the ground on small legs, 100-150 m away. They did not see any open door on the object, but on the ground under the object, there was a small humanoid wearing a white outfit and a broad belt with small lights. The creature had long white hair and turned to their direction for a while. After that, it waved its hand like a salute. Suddenly it disappeared. A loud hiss was heard and the object took off vertically between clouds of dust. It rose to the sky until it was gone. The children were shocked and were not in the mood to continue their game until their parents called them for lunch. All of them told the incident to their parents but nobody believed them, thinking that they set up a hoax.

Source: UFO: Greek File, book by investigator Makis Podotas (Athens, 2000).

Site: Pialia village, Pindos Mountains, Epirus, northwestern Greece. Date: 1938. Time: night Witness: Mr. Vassilis Zorbas, farmer.

The witness was going to his trefoil field. Near the small chapel of the Holy Trinity he heard a loud bang, which seemed to come from a nearby creek. Initially he could not see anything that could explain the sound. Later he saw a small (1 m) humanoid creature, dressed in a black gown with hood. Its face was shining. The creature stood for a while in front of him and then went inside the chapel and vanished.

Source: investigator Antonis Bousboukis

Site: Outside a village at Aetoloakarnania county, Western Greece. Date: circa 1942 (during German occupation) Time: 16-17:00 Witness: Mrs. Tsamis (10).

Mrs. Tsamis –a small girl then- was shepherding sheep at Diamanto location. Suddenly she heard a noise like from a “metallic motor” that was passing by. Then she saw an UFO that was going to land. It was shaped like two plates stuck together on the rims, and had two protuberances like antennas. It was silvery and 2-3 meters wide. It lowered on a 150 m high nearby hill, with many trees, so she could not see the exact place of the landing. She started to walk towards this place, not knowing exactly why. Suddenly she saw a small man, 1 m tall. (Years later, she would realize that the entity could be described as a “robot”). It was wearing something like an overall and on its head was something like a “biker’s crash helmet”. It started walking in circles at the area. The witness was terrified and started running away. So did the sheep. After an hour she returned to the site but her dogs started barking and then ran away. She characterized the experience “dreamlike” but felt that was “100% real”.

Source. Letter of her son, Lambros, dated 21 February 1978, in an issue of Enigmata tou Symbandos magazine (Riddles of the Cosmos)

Site: Agia Mavra village, Helis County, Peloponnese. Date: August 1950. Time: day Witness: Mr. Miltiades Boyopoulos

The witness was at the location Gefyria when he saw a “woman dressed in black” walking towards him. He continued his way. When the distance between them was approximately 6 m, the woman suddenly shrunk, until she was as tall as a 10-year-old child. After that, she made a 90 degrees turn to the left and entered the tall vegetation of a nearby crop. The witness was astonished and terrified.

Source: investigator Makis Nodaros, based in Lechena, Helis, Peloponnese.

Site: Ano Ilioupolis neighborhood, East Athens. Date: 21 April 1953 Time: night Witness: Vassiliki F.

The witness –a woman with many paranormal experiences- saw a strange woman in the streets of Ilioupolis. She had large, protruding eyes, high forehead, incredibly thin waist and was wearing very old-fashioned gray clothes –a skirt and a jacket. Inside of this she was wearing tight transparent trousers. She was followed by a very small “dog”, actually a piece of shadow that was hovering very near the ground. She was holding the “dog” with a transparent thick cord. When the witness tried to ask her who she was and from when did she come, the strange woman glared at her and went away, vanishing in the Saint George site of antiquities.

The next day, news were spread that in the nearby fields of Sain Nicholas, an “aluminium hut” came down from the sky and landed. It had “windows” through which a shepherd saw incredibly ugly dwarfs inside. Among them there was a dwarf with the head of an animal. In a few minutes, a door opened on the “hut” and a dwarf came out, holding something like a golden plate in his hands. Then, the strange woman Mrs. F. had seen the previous day made her appearance. The dwarf bowed to her, and she filled the “plate” with dirt. They both went into the “hut” and the latter took off and vanished in the sky with a loud bang.

Many years later, in 1970, Mrs. Vassiliki F. had a paranormal experience with a UFO and a large black dog which materialized inside her house.

Source: investigator Panayotis Skayannis.

Site: Viros village, Corfu Island, Ionian Sea. Date: November 1957 Time: unknown Witness: Nicolaos Lideris (12)

When the witness was at the garden of his home, heard a loud noise and saw the nearby trees shaking like from a gust of wind. At the same time, a “man of medium height” appeared in front of him, wearing a white robe and sandals. His face was “radiant”. The witness fell on his knees and heard the “man” saying. “In spite of the progress that some people boast about, the world is leading towards destruction. Spread my message to the whole world”. After that he vanished. The witness ran to his parents crying and described what he saw.

Source: Apogevmatini newspaper, 18 November 1957.

Site: Achladokambos town, Arcadia County, Peloponnese. Date: January 1964. Time: night. Witness: Mr. George Psychoyos (32).

The witness was returning home with his car, when at Loggaki site, a giant humanoid, over 5 m tall appeared in front of the car, crossed the road with one big step and then vanished. The witness was extremely terrified, did not stop and did not come fully around until several days after the incident.

Source: Achladokambos Folklore, by Ioannis Anagnostopoulos, Athens 1985.

Site: city of Rhodes, Rhodes Island, Dodekanese, Aegean Sea. Date: 1976 or 1977. Time: night. Witness: Manolis S. (30 or 31), musician.

The witness, an amateur astronomer, was observing the night sky with his telescope when he saw “a flying figure” crossing the disk of the Moon, in a distance of “some dozens or hundreds of meters”. He was greatly surprised. The creature was moving very slowly. It must have been as tall as a human, with united legs and open, unmoving wings, like the letter “T”. Its color light tan and the witness had the impression that the entity was semi-transparent. He had the impression that the flying creature was looking at him. A friend of his told him afterwards that he had a similar experience with a flying creature, again in Rhodes.

Source: investigator Lefteris Saragas. (Note: In Rhodes there was another similar incident in 1989, see below).

Site: a train coupe, between Athens and Thessaloniki. Date: February 1976. Time: 14:20 Witness: H.K., student

Duration: 20 minutes.

The witness, then a student at Panteion Athens University was returning home at Thessaloniki, after his exams. Being a keen UFO enthusiast, was reading Morris Jessup’s “The case for the UFO”, he had bought in Athens. He was sitting near the door of the his coupe. Suddenly, a very tall man stood outside the door and stared at him. The witness did not give any attention, but the guy was making a shadow and disturbed his reading. He looked at the man. He was about 1.90 m with a very large mouth with no lips and very white teeth. His face was scarlet, “like that of a farmer”. He wore black trousers and short-sleeved checkered shirt. He opened the window of the hall and stared at the witness grinning. After 15 minutes, during which the “man” was continuously staring at the witness, he made a gesture showing the book and another one like he was asking, “it is good, isn’t it?” The witness was terrified. There were another seven people in the coupe but seemed like they did not notice the presence of the other one outside. After 2-3 minutes, the “guy” took a position where nobody in the coupe could see him except the witness. He continued to grin. After a while, the witness decided to get outside and talk to him. But outside there was nobody. He searched all the train but there was no sign of the mysterious guy.

Source: the witness himself. Note that at the time of the incident, the MIB phenomenon was virtually unknown in Greece, even among the investigators. Jessup’s book was also virtually unknown then. The witness has many other similar experiences with UFOs, and “reality disturbances”.

Site: 7 Lazarinou st, New Filothei neighborhood, Athens. Date: May 1978. Time: about 2 am Witness: Yannis K. (17)

The witness was asleep. Suddenly he awoke and saw 3 people coming towards his bed from the side of the balcony door (the apartment was in the 2nd floor). The room was dimly lit from the outside lamp posts. Two of them were women, one was man. The latter and one woman sat on his bed, the other woman remained standing. This one was 1.80 m, had bushy hair, and was wearing a blouse and a maxi skirt. The man had short hair, was over 2 m tall, broad chested and was wearing black gloves, and black turtleneck blouse. The third woman was 1.80 m, with extremely long fingers, was younger than the other and was wearing black blouse and skirt. As she sat on the bed, she started undressing. She was not wearing a bra. The next thing that the witness remembered was that both him and the woman were naked. Then they had sex. After that he remembered that the woman was dressed and that the strange trio went out from the balcony door (which was most probably closed). The witness felt paralyzed during the incident. The next days there were problems with the telephone line.

Source: investigator Panayotis Skayannis, based in Athens.

Site: Country road between Agia Mavra and Lefkohori villages, Helis County, Peloponnese. Date: 6 August 1978. Time: night. Witness: Antonis Coulouris.

The witness was driving when he suddenly saw “giant humanoids” caught by the lights of his truck. Terrified, he put the reverse gear to get away and went this way for about 60 m when the engine stopped functioning. The lights went out and he felt like something was “shaking” the truck. For 15 seconds he was trying to turn on the engine but with no avail. After that the shaking stopped and the engine functioned on normally.

Source: Makis Nodaros, investigator based in Lechena, Helis.

Site: Near Thiva town, Boiotia county, central Greece. Date: 15 and 16 June 1980. Time: 2 am (first incident), daylight time (second incident) Witness: anonymous businessman (47).

The witness was driving near Thiva, when he saw a dark red luminous sphere low in the horizon with 10 m diameter. It passed with enormous speed and stopped for a while over the car. There its color changed to dark violet. The witness saw three small circular red openings aligned as a triangle. The UFO was emitting a sound “like water running in stream”. The car’s motor started to “cough” and its lights were dimmed.

The next day, the witness was driving again when a strange-looking person with «Gipsy appearance», extraordinary accent and «Mongoloid complexion» stopped him. The guy claimed that his motorbike was broke –but actually it was OK. The strange-looking person was staring intensively the car’s hood and had a strange grin on his face. The witness noted his weird behavior.

Source: George Balanos, Athens-based investigator.

Site: Lardos village, Rhodes island, Aegean Sea. Date: 14 October 1989 Time: 22:30 Witness: Mr. Yannis Clonaris, tourist shop owner.

The witness and his wife were returning home driving when he saw to the left of the car something that was flying low. It had the form of a human being, whitish color, was very hairy and had wings instead of arms. Its head was round, with small ears and round eyes –like that of a cat. On his back there was something like a “mechanism” and the witness had the impression that the creature was flying because of this device. He slowed the car and put his head out of the window to have a better view. The flying creature continued to fly without moving its wings until it disappeared. It turned its head and looked at the witness. After that it flew faster and disappeared at the direction of Tsambika nearby mountain. His wife did not see the apparition and Mr. Clonaris did not tell her anything at the time because he did not want to frighten her.

The incident took place during a big UFO flap at Rodos.

Three hours earlier, at Lardos village again, a UFO had been hovered over two local girls, Christina Kanychi and Foula Athanassaki, illuminating them with red light. They started screaming and ran. Priest Savvas Papadimitriou whose house was nearby went out and saw himself the UFO flying away with great speed. There were other witnesses too.

The next day, October 15, the same or a similar UFO appeared at Lardos and was seen again by the two girls and the priest and by a priest’s friend. The UFO made maneuvers in the air and seemed to land on a nearby hill.

Three days later three tourists saw a UFO near a seaside hotel at Lardos and described it as “summer hat” hovering very near the ground.

Source (Mothman case): Proodos local newspaper 19.10.1989, investigator Lefteris Saragas. Source (UFO cases): Thanassis Vembos

Site: Metz neighborhood, Athens. Date: 14 September 1998. Time: little before sunset. Witnesses: two women. Duration: 15 minutes.

The witnesses were sitting on the balcony of the house of one of them, at Markou Mousourou Street, opposite to Ardittos hill. They saw a small blackish object in the sky, about 1 km away. At first they thought it was a helicopter but there was no sound. When the object approached, they saw it was a humanoid figure in a standing position. Approaching more and more, the flying humanoid turned its body once to nearby Zappeio park and then in the opposite direction, without changing its direction, speed or posture. It started coming down and seemed to land somewhere inside the forest on Ardittos hill. They thought that the flying creature was wearing something like an “astronaut suit” because from time to time the sunset light gleamed on it. After the landing, the figure made some small mechanical “hops” ascending the hill until it reached a point just before the top, when it stopped. When hopping, it was not bending its arms or legs. Ten minutes later the creature turned into a “bright spot” and then vanished. During the incident, there was strong wind blowing but the movement of the creature’s flight was steady.

One of the women had twice seen a UFO (in 1982 and 1986).

Source: investigator Thanassis Vembos.

Date: 24 June 2001 Time: 01:50 Witness: Mr. G.P., University professor. Duration: 30 seconds.

The witness was watching TV late at night at his home. His wife and small son were asleep in their rooms. His daughter was away. When he turned off the TV set, saw that the kitchen’s light was on. He went to turn it off, and then felt cold, like it was a cold wind blowing. Turning back, he came face to face with a tall (1.90 m) and lank humanoid that was wearing something like a tight-fit blue overall with “wave-like patterns”. Its face had very vague human characteristics, having bumps where facial characteristics should be. The witness said it looked like a computer graphic. The creature started to move with big leaps, “like the leaps of the hurdles’ athletes” but in “slow motion”, like “a dancer with his toes not touching the ground”. It went out of the kitchen and entered the lavatory (the door was open). The witness chased it but the lavatory was empty. Then he saw it again, coming out of his daughter’s room and disappearing into the kitchen. Then, for a third time, the creature came out from the lavatory and vanished into the living room. After that, it was not seen again.

The witness felt shocked after the experience and did not hear any sound, or felt any odor during the incident. He could not say if the sense of cold persisted during the whole incident because he was very stimulated to notice it. He had the impression that the creature was “running away from something”, or “hunted by something and wanted to avoid any contact”. The closest distance between the witness and the humanoid was 2 m. He also had the impression that the creature was “something solid, moving in an ethereal way”.

The witness had at least two experiences with apparitions in his previous lifetime –once in 1974, when a strange woman knocking at his door asking for money was vanished into thin air, and another one in 1986 when he saw for 5 minutes his dead mother-in-law inside a bus.

Source: investigator Thanassis Vembos

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